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As humans, the pull of gravity can drag us down or we can use its rebound effect to lengthen, widen and support ourselves with ease, lessening the strain on muscles and joints and giving our internal organs the space to do their work . Using gentle hands-on and verbal guidance, an Alexander Teacher helps you rediscover the freedom of movement and the natural anti-gravity response you once had as a small child.




As we each have our own individual way of using our bodies,  learning the Alexander Technique is most successful when taught one-to-one. You will not be given specific physical exercises to repeat at home but lessons usually include some ‘lying down work’ to help you release residual muscle tension. You will be asked to practice this at home by lying on the floor in the correct position for about 15-20 minutes daily.


Image courtesy of STAT.

Learning the Alexander Technique is an open ended process that can continue to develop over a lifetime if you want it to. I would recommend having at least 6 lessons to start with, no more than a week apart, to allow you to build up your skills lesson by lesson. After a while, you will be able to just have an occasional ‘top-up’ lesson every few weeks to keep you going.
Lessons are at my home in Tuffley and last approximately 45 minutes.  You will NOT at any time be asked to undress, though you will need to remove your shoes. Please wear  loose and comfortable clothing.

My current fees are £35.00 per lesson or you can pay for 5 lessons in advance (£175) and get the 6th lesson free.

Go to the contact page and book a FREE 45 minute  introductory lesson to find out more.